Caller Ringback
Top Downloads
by John Mayer
Globe Code: TI583
Smart Code: ASY
Bleeding Love
By Princess
Globe Code: TJ264
Smart Code: BLDG
Love Story
by Taylor Swift
Globe Code: TG080
Smart Code: LSTORY
The Only Exception
by Paramore
Globe Code: TI637
Smart Code: THON
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New Downloads
By Lady Gaga
Globe Code: TJ012
Smart Code: TLPN
I Will Do Anything For Love
By Sarah Geronimo
Globe Code: TJ288
Smart Code: IWLD
Runaway Love
by Justin Bieber
Globe Code: TI822
Smart Code: RLJB
DJ Got Us Falling In Love
by Usher
Globe Code: TJ234
Smart Code: DJG
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Ringback Tones List
Song Title Artist Globe Code Smart Code
DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love feat. Pitbull Usher TJ234 DJG
Nothing On You B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars TI804 NOTHIN
Fearless Taylor Swift TG300 FRL
Love The Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna) Eminem TJ227 LTWYL
Don't Stop Believing Glee Cast TI592 GLEE
Sexy Back Justin Timberlake TI424 SX
Toxic Britney Spears TI722 TXC
We Kept It Hidden Urbandub TI600 WKHD
Belle Of The Boulevard Dashboard Confessional TH981 BOU
Elevation U2 TF499 ELE
Billie Jean (Single Version) Michael Jackson TI087 BJ
Imma Be The Black Eyed Peas TH400 IMA
Poker Face Lady Gaga TF934 POK
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